What To Look For Premium Quality Meat

What To Look For Premium Quality Meat

When it comes to meat, quality is paramount. The term "premium quality" often signifies meat that stands out in terms of taste, nutrition, and ethical considerations. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key factors that define premium quality meat, with a special focus on Florida Premium Beef. We'll explore why it's important to opt for meat that is free from steroids, GMOs, and mRNA, and why grass-fed and grass-finished meat is considered superior. Additionally, we'll compare the lower quality meat typically found in big chain stores with the farm-to-table premium quality alternatives, and we'll examine how the appearance of meat can reveal its quality.

What Makes Meat Premium Quality? 

Premium quality meat is characterized by several factors that set it apart from the rest. Firstly, it's crucial that premium meat comes from animals raised without the use of steroids or growth hormones. This ensures that the meat is free from artificial enhancements that can affect both its taste and safety. Similarly, the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in an animal's diet is essential for maintaining the purity of the meat.

Comparing Chain Store Meat to Farm-to-Table 

Chain stores are often associated with convenience, but when it comes to meat, convenience can come at the cost of quality. Lower quality meat found in big chain stores is typically sourced from industrial farms where animals may be subjected to crowded and unsanitary conditions. They are often fed diets that include GMOs and treated with hormones to accelerate growth.

Another point that most people don't know about, is that when they purchase most grocery store meat, it is filled with preservatives and food dyes! Yes, you read that right..FOOD DYES! This often leaves the taste bland and watered down. It also will shrink when it’s cooked due to saline, food dyes, etc, and it has NO age to it!

In contrast, at Florida Premium Beef, we source our meat from cattle that are pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished. They have sustainable genetics that thrive in their local environment and are bred for taste. Then we finish off our cows to ensure a higher-end cut, characterized by rich marbling that enhances both texture and taste. 

Good marbling is more difficult to achieve in a true NON-GMO grass fed and finished program. The way Florida Premium Beef achieves this is by feeding our cattle a high quality non-gmo silage while also placing them in extremely high quality finishing pastures. 

Remember when we talked about store bought meat tasting bland and shrinking when cooked? Well, at Florida Premium Beef, our meat has no preservatives, so there is no shrinking when it’s cooked and we age our beef a minimum of 14 days to ensure a deep, rich, tender flavor and texture. 

Naturally-raised meats like our grass-fed and grass-finished beef benefit significantly from aging. Our grass-fed meat is leaner, so the aging process breaks down the meat making it considerably more tender. It also brings out additional flavor profiles. 

You can order our top quality beef delivered to your door direct from our Florida farm. Click here to check out our shop. We have a variety of premium steaks, delicious roasts and briskets, ground beef, stew meat, liver and more.

Florida Premium Beef's Promise & Commitment 

In the quest for premium quality meat, it's essential to consider factors such as the absence of steroids, GMOs, and mRNA technology, as well as the grass-fed and grass-finished approach. Florida Premium Beef exemplifies this commitment, providing our local Northeast Florida community with the best-tasting, healthiest, grass-fed beef possible. 

Our beef is something you would find in a high-end steakhouse, but we don't sacrifice on the ethical side of raising our livestock. Our superior grass fed program comes down to the quality of finishing pastures where we run a thick mixture of high quality grasses including alfalfa (which is high in protein). Our cattle have the best genetics and they enjoy a life on the pasture, resulting in meat that's marbled, juicy, and rich in flavor. 

We believe that our local community deserves access to this premium craft beef, which is why we offer a variety of options including beef shares, intro boxes, bundles, steaks, roasts, and more! 

We ship anywhere in Florida, ensuring that everyone in the state can savor the excellence of Florida Premium Beef. 

By choosing premium quality meat like ours, consumers can elevate their culinary experiences while supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices. Browse our wide selection of beef & seafood and taste for yourself what sets us apart and above the rest.

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