About Us

Florida Premium Beef is a small, family-owned farm in Glen Saint Mary, Florida. Our mission is to develop deep relationships with other local farmers and processors that uphold our high standards of quality from start to finish. We thoroughly enjoy farm fresh premium beef and feel its our mission to provide this to our local northeast Florida community.

What started as weekend strolls to local farmers markets for owners Kyle and Dawson Smith, turned into Florida Premium Beef. Kyle and Dawson enjoy attending local farmers markets to get their meat and produce for the week ahead. And their daughter Olivia, enjoys mid-morning treats and won't let Kyle or Dawson forget it! “We noticed beef prices were skyrocketing and half the time the local beef vendor was absent or sold out of our favorite cuts. We have a farm in Baker County, Florida where we exclusively run Black Angus cattle, so we figured we could help our local community by providing a high quality beef at local farmers markets." There are several contributing factors that set Florida Premium Beef apart from the rest, but the main contributing factor is our beef is always 100% grass fed and grass finished. Our cattle has the best genetics being certified Black Angus, pasture raised, grass fed and grass finished. We finish off our cows so that its always a higher end cut, meaning its marbled, juicy and rich in flavor! Our beef is something you would find in a high-end steak house, but we don’t sacrifice on the healthy side of ethically raising our livestock. We feel our local community deserves to have the same access to this premium craft beef as well.


Make buying the best-tasting, healthiest, grass-fed beef possible convenient to our local NE florida community.


Our mission is to develop deep relationships with our local farmers and processors that uphold our high standards of quality from start to finish.


Improve the health and wellness of our local communities by providing better quality beef without sacrificing taste.


Genuine: What you see is what you get. We are down-to-earth, outdoors loving patriots. Our priorities are clear, God, Family, and the Great Outdoors.

Integrity: We strongly uphold integrity through every aspect of our business. We believe that honesty, transparency, and always doing the right thing is core to our success.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in every step of our business. From quality control, supply chain management, to customer relationships – we aim to be the best and focus on continuous improvement.

Respect: Respect for the outdoors, the adventures we pursue, our fellow employees, our customers, our country, our family. We regard respect as a core value of our com